Foreign Languages

Languages are the essence of communication and with Indian companies emerging as global players it is the need of the hour to be well equipped to be able to be at par with the multinational and international players. It is the need of the moment to be able to break the language barrier and be able to facilitate a smooth conversation in order to let proper business connections flow.

On being able to learn a language and have acquired fluency in the same, the person can think of becoming a foreign language specialists, interpreters and translators. There are different fields where one can join after pursuing a language course is entertainment, tourism, public relation, international organizations and publishing houses etc.

The future of learning of foreign languages is at present at an all time high with newer avenues opening up each day. When we talk of learning languages from a career point of view then it is expected of the person to be able to learn the of new languages fluently and be able to speak the language as well as write it. The study of languages at this level includes learning of communication skills, grammatical structure and being able to comprehend the writing, speaking, listening and reading part of the language.

Some of its specialized fields are

  • Linguist
  • Interpretation
  • Translation
  • Teaching

Job Prospects

The learning of a new language can open quite a number of doors for the person. One can think of applying for the job of a teacher, freelancer, and interpreter or as a translator. Academic qualification and proficiency in a foreign language can open the gates for career in sectors such as tourism, embassies, diplomatic service, entertainment, public relations and mass communication, international organizations, publishing, interpretation and translation, etc. Also there a number of multinational corporate bodies require are in a constant need of candidates who possess excellent language skills in foreign languages.

Which Languages have maximum demand in India?

As per the recent trends, maximum Companies are preferring French & German language proficiency from their employees.


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